Inspirational Short Story about Ox Herd

lion OX HERD

In a pasture, there was a herd of oxen. The herd of lions in the surrounding area was also dominated by oxen. However, when the oxen came together at the time of the attack, the lions had nothing to do. So the lions, who had to feed on small animals, thought of a cure because they couldn’t eat well.

The lame lion took a couple of lions with him, pulled a white flag and approached a herd of oxen. The leader of the oxen, Gray Ox, and his followers and lions began to speak sweetly:

Esteemed ox masters. Today, we came here to apologize to you. We want to be in peace with you. But because of that yellow ox amoung you we  get aggressive. It has dazzling color. When we see them we get offensive. We have one proposal for you.  If you give that yellow ox to us we wont attack you and we will be all in peace

Gray ox and his delegation discussed the offer of lions between them and found the proposal justified and gave the Yellow Ox to the lions. Only Spotted Ox opposed, but he couldn’t convince anyone  about his doubts.

After a while, the lions came back again in the same way and started to talk nicely again:

See how much we love you. We congratulate you on your decision to save peace amoung us.  But, we are keeping ourselves hard not to attack you bcs of that long tail ox. Long tail is normal however, you all  have normal tails. Let us continue to live in peace and give us that long tail.

Gray ox and his delegation again agreed on giving Long Tail to lions to save peace and again Spotted Ox opposed.  And they gave Long Tail to lions and the Long Tail died under the paws of the lions.

This event is repeated repeatedly, with different excuses every time. As  numbers oxes decreased, eventually the oxen herd weakened and the lions became arrogant. Now, without even making any excuses, they intervened directly and started to say, “Give us this or we will take it by force“.

While the other oxens died in the paws of the lions one by one, Gray Ox and a few oxes remained had a meeting. One of them asked their leaders, “What happened to us, how did we lose this war? How powerful were we once.

Gray Ox, remembering the words of Spotted Ox,  and  with tears in his eyes said;

We“, “We lost this war the day we gave Yellow Ox. We should not have given the Yellow Ox ...”

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