Pargali Ibrahim Pasha: “Sometimes my heart is filled with hatred”


Sometimes my heart is filled with hatred, with pain and anger, the taste of my anger comes to my mouth. Doubt falls into me like a stain falling on white. Then, I run and open the Masnavi of the Rûmi, to remember myself, to remember  is a secret worship for me, O my soul! This fact is the rain of fire. The earth is  get ruined just because of its one drop.

In the flood that one drop causes, many others  with Noah Aleyhisselam embark on same ship and many others are drowned.  In fact, everything man seeks, every shape, every image consists of thought. When a prophet comes to the heart from sorrow,  from far Gabriel comes down to the heart and thought gets pregnant for hundreds of Jesus, like Mary, became pregnant.

What is the truth that night hides? What is it pouring from the sky dome covered in blood from head to toe? Is it blood flowing from your own lung? What is destiny? Stop that blood or drown in that blood? Return … Return is not ingenuity but necessity.

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