Is there reincarnation in Islam?

Islamic scriptures reject any idea of reincarnation of human beings or God. It teaches a linear concept of life, wherein a human being has only one life and upon death he or she is judged by God, then rewarded in heaven or punished in hell.

BUT there is reincarnation in Quran

  • Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian: but he was a Muslim, not a pagan. (Surah Al-Imran, 67)
  • “Say: I am commanded to be the first Muslim.” ( Surah Zumer, 39/12)

So at first look it seems that there is one contradiction or something wrong because  Abraham was muslim   and he lived before Mohammed then it can not be possible that Mohammed was the first müslim but Surah Zumer 12th ajet says Mohammed was first muslim. So what is this? Answer is in ajet given below. But most of the translation gave this ajet different meaning. Somebody who knows arabic well  can prove the meaning when it is asked.

  • This (Mohammed) stimulant is one of the previous stimulants (SURAH AN-NAJM 56)

So maybe Mohammed  prophet and Adam prophet are same person? As Mohammed was first muslim and Adam was also muslim and Adam was first human then who knows, maybe they are…

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