Why people use vintage cars?

Vintage or classical cars have soul, and it is totally controlled by driver. Drivers have to take  their cars service if  they  don’t work, but  when vintage cars  dont work  people   try to repair themselves first. People who enjoys  in repairing  like vintage cars.

So here are the some reasons why people like vintage cars:

  • To hear everything,
  • To feel the road,
  • Easy to see over the seats and out the windows,
  • Smell all of the things that roll up into driving an old vehicle.
  • Liberating feel
  • Classic cars were created very much in an analogue world where designers used pencil and paper to create elegant shapes and flowing lines,
  • Belong to a previous age—an age that many people fondly look back on
  • Classic car production, on the other hand, was largely a manual process performed,
  • Craftsmen used simple tools complemented by decades of experience to create panels by hand and by eye,
  • Mechanically, they are quite different
  • Delicately balanced mechanical systems comprising hundreds or thousands of individual parts, all tuned to work together in harmony
  • The driver is a direct extension to the machine, providing inputs and receiving direct, unfiltered feedback through the controls, resulting in an authentic experience

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